These are the movies I'd like to see  

If you want to see them too, drop me a line: kaplan.yaron AT g mail

Note: to find the Hebrew name of a movie, go to - it usually works







Grand Budapest Hotel?

The Lunchbox?

Neighbors 2014?

X-men: Days of Future Past?

American Hustle?

Frances Ha

Ender's game
All is lost

Blue Jasmine?


Iron Sky?

The perks of being a wallflower

Cloud Atlas?
Premium Rush???

חברים עם ילדים?

Pirates (Aardman)


Friends with kids
חיים של אשה אחרת?

Young Adult


Rise of the Monkey Island

Friends with benefits?
אחותי היפה?

Griff The Invisible

The Adjustment Bureau? I might be too late (72%)

Copacabana (French movie, 2010)

Despicable Me?




Hot tub time machine?


חמש שעות מפריז?
Ice Age 3?

Monsters vs. Aliens

Where the wild things are?

Thank You For Smoking


ג'וליה מיה?

My neighbour Totoro

Kiki's Delivery Service

The Lucky Ones? (good rating on IMDB but bad tomatometer)

The Drummer  (Cinemateque material)

Sunshine Cleaning?

Duplicity (even that Julia Roberts is in it)

I've Loved You So Long (Il y a longtemps que je t'aime) לאהוב אותך מאז ?

Thomas est amoureux (Thomas in Love)


Pineapple Express?


The Fountain?

Over the Hedge
 בחברה טובה - In good company
וודסמן - Woodsman
שייקספיר מאוהב - Shakespeare in love
ביג ליבובסקי - The Big Lebowski
אנשי התחנה - The Station Agent
שלישית בלוויל
אני אוהב האקביז  -I ♥ Huckabees
לגמור עם האהבה - Down with love 
במבי 2
למראית עין (עם טלי שרון)
Conversations with Other Women

In her shoes 

The Ant Bully?

Movies I liked even that they got a bad tomatometer:

Charlie's Angels 2
Butterfly Effect
50 First Dates
Transamerica (lovely)
נפוליאון דינמיט (hmm)
Inside man (ok)
Mission Impossible 3 (Tom Cruise is annoying)

Tron (watchable-)

Serenity (ok)

X-Men 3 (watchable)

Cars (watchable)

Sky high (watchable)

Click (stupid)

Snakes on a plane  (sucky!)

 V for Vendetta 

 Children of men (that was crap!)

אדפטיישן (hmm)

Casino Royale (blah) 

Borat?  (Great, but the production of it is questionable)

Stranger than fiction  (OK)

Flushed Away (OK)

 The science  of sleep (too hallucinatory) 

 Ratatouille (GREAT!)

Meet the Robinsons (nice)

 Friends with money  (boring)

The Little Mermaid (cute!)

Superman Returns? (boring, very!)

Wall-E (nice, but I liked other Pixar movies better)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (lovely)

Bolt (great)

Juno (CaVaL)

Shrek 3 (crap)

Zack and Miri make a Porno (disappointing)

Ghost Town (nice)

Waltz with Bashir (hard to watch)

Burn after reading (nice)

 Shortbus (DVD. Lo mashehu. Disappointing)

Persepolis (eh)

Two Lovers (2009) (ok. good acting too)

Coraline (lovely!)

Up (nice)

Superbad? (lo mashehu)

Potter 5 (Nice)

The Hangover (Cool.. and funny. Very enjoyable)

City Island (Nice)

Away we go? (ok)

Paranormal Activity (disappointing but still caused me some nightmares)

District 9 (disappointing)

500 days of summer (lovely. Indeed reminds a bit of Eternal Sunshine without the sci-fi)

Avatar (Substrandard plot. Everything else rocks!)

Up in the air (nice)

Kick-ass (ok+)

Date Night (ok)

Toy Story 3  (ok+)

Inception (Beseder)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version) (nice)

The Other Guys (eh. almost ok but stupid)

Scott Pilgrim (starts nice but ends too abstract)

Winter's bone (nice)

True Grit (I hope it's not nasty) (I am sorry. It is disappointing)

Source code (nice!)

X-men First Class - nice

Limitless? (65%) - watchable

Hanna (72%) - like a very nice snack

הערת שוליים - nice

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (גשם של פלאפל) - ok

An Education (לחנך את ג'ני) - Nah

Clerks II  - nice! Exactly what I liked in Clerks1 & Chasing Amy. Kevin Smith in the way I like him.

חתונה מאוחרת - slow and disappointing.

Super 8 - Cute and nice! Lacks some logic but still nice!

Captain America - OK

X-men First Class - Nice

Crazy, Stupid, Love  - OK

Real Steel (61% but sounds interesting) - Ok, sort of

Chronicle - Lo mashehu

Hugo (eh)

The Artist (ok)

 I Love You, Man (DVD, eh)

Avengers (kick-ass)

Brave! (Pixar)  (nice)

Spiderman Rebooted? (annoying)
The Dictator (May 2012) (ok, sort of)

Ted? (Funny but the ending could be better)

Electric dreams (ok, sort of. nice graphics for this time)

Whip It - nah. Juno was much nicer!

Beasts of the Southern Wilds? - Fails to fulfill the promise. I thought it'd be a cool sci-fi film about a parallel universe!

העולם מצחיק? - Eh. Stupid ending.

Jump street 21 - lo mashehu - too much הזוי

Frankenweenie - Nice - ending could be better

Wreck-it Ralph (Great!)

Silver Linings Playbook (אופטימיות היא שם המשחק)  - (very nice!)

Cabin in the woods - annoying!!

Life of Pi - beseder

Argo - Disappointing. I thought it'd be more fun.

The Princess and the Frog - Disappointing...

Oblivion? - ok sort of

A serious man - יהודי טוב - disappointing and boring

This is the end - CRAP

This is Sodom - OK

The Hunger Games 2 - eh

Gravity - lovely
Enough Said - Very nice
Don Jon - Very nice!

How to train your dragon - Didn't like

ParaNorman - Kinda disappointing

Inside Llewyn Davis - boring and kinda annoying (good music thought)

Her - So boring

Frozen - Kinda OK. Expected more

Chef - A piece of overly concentrated feel-good goop. Not tasty.

Zero Motivation - Great!

Edge of tomorrow - Eh